August 16, 2012

The Cure - Review

Review of The Cure by M.C. Foley

Goodreads Blurb
Los Angeles. 2012. After a beaten-down, sickly cog visits a faith healer, she develops a dark wish fulfillment power that stokes her appetite for sex and vigilante-style revenge.

"The illness, the one that almost killed me, or almost killed my soul, was also the thing that brought me here. A new home in my City of Angels. Heads on stakes. Enemies impaled. All of this revenge surrounding what used to elude me - Power. Until now. One visit to the bird streets and everything changed. They say absolute power corrupts. Absolutely. Yes, it does."

Splashes of dark humor. Adults only.

My Short Review
The Cure will keep you riveted until the very end. Making you ask yourself how far would I go for revenge. A dark paranormal thriller that is sure to please most. The only downside is you are left wanting more. 
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4 out of my 5 bats~Pam

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