August 30, 2012

The Untold Want by Ronnell D. Porter

The Untold Want by Ronnell  D. Porter
My name is Catianna, and I'm a painter. I live in a world of people tending scars left over from a war that took place long before I was born. We follow God's laws as set forth by the bible, and anyone who breaks any of these rules will face the Gatekeepers; thou shall not steal, thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife, woman shall not dress as man nor man as woman or they will be an abomination before the Lord, woman may not speak in church for it is disgraceful, and so on. But recent events in my life have set questions burning within my own heart like a wildfire. If you had to choose between doing what the bible said was right, or what your heart said was just, which would you choose? Here are my choices. This is my story. Listen, because this will be my only chance.
~Book Blurb

Wow, let me just start off by saying wow…. This book is intense right from the beginning, though this isn’t your typical paranormal read, this book had me from the first few pages, the intensity of the beginning had me interested to read on, a lot of the events in this book made me think a lot about how the world that Cat (Cattianna) lived in where there are so many rules, and a lot punishable in severe manners versus our lives and how free expression and our individualities and personalities are welcomed and we do not have to fear any repercussion’s, are worth a lot more than some people now a days realize.

This book had a strong message, and had captured me right away, I could feel for Cattianna, as I could sense her struggles and the obstacle in her path, I felt sorry for her and her Father’s relationship, I grew to hate him as I continued through the book, once you pick this book up you will see exactly why, but I think what had me amazed was the obstacle that would change everything for Cat, forever.

I have to say Ronnell had me loving Cat & Daryl characters, But let me tell you about Patricia though at first you will hate her you will soon learn there more to her than meets the eye, towards the end of the book I was really surprised to see such a different side to her, but honestly I guess the way she acted could only be expected especially because who her father was, One of the Gatekeepers, but even he will leave you with a surprise at the end that will have you wide-eyed.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 bats and cant wait for other’s to get their hands on this book!



  1. This book sounds super interesting, but I couldn't find it on goodreads to add it to my list of books to read!

    1. Hi!
      Yes, I sent a message to Ronnell asking him about that, but as for now it hasn't been added to goodreads yet! But keep your eyes peeled he might be adding it soon enough! :)