October 24, 2012

Finding ELE - Review

Finding ELE (ELE #2)
by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckles

Book Blurb
How far would Willow go to find the man she loves? 

It only took three short months for Project ELE to send sixteen year old Willow Mosby's life spinning out of control. Her family has been torn apart; she merely escaped capture by the Hasting's men and now Alec, her first love, is missing along with her newfound friends. In order to find them, Willow is forced to leave the shelter, her only protection from ELE's wrath. What she doesn't realize is that outside, the change has begun and the world will NEVER be the same again. 

The government has failed in its plan to implement Project ELE and a war has erupted beyond the shelter walls. The forces of good and evil collide and Willow has no choice but to choose a side. When her rare abilities become a liability an unlikely protector must step up to help her. For if her gifts were to fall into the wrong hands...NOBODY will be safe. 

With her protector by her side Willow races against time to find Alec and her friends. After new friendships are built and alliances are formed, Willow finds herself torn between the one she loves and the one who protects her.

From the authors of Project ELE comes Finding ELE. The second book in an all new apocalyptic series with a paranormal twist: The ELE Series.

My Review
I received a copy of Finding ELE from the authors for a honest review. Willow has made it outside a find a whole new world. She finds her mother and little brother and discover they have powers as well. Seems everyone has some kind of power and your eye color reflects what power you have. Willow wants to hunt for Alec and her friends so her mom puts Tony in charge of watching out for her. Along with the past bad guys we find some new evil people as well they are called the Reapers. 

Just when I thought it couldn't get better it does. Project ELE was so great but i think Finding ELE tops it. When I read the first book I never moved till it was finished well I just have to say the same was true for this one. I read it all in one sitting. The authors do such an amazing job with their writing you aren't reading this book you are in the world of ELE. Willow is fantastic as always and I love getting to know her mom and little brother more. Got to say the little brother is such an adorable person. Even some of the characters you met at the beginning of Project ELE come back and surprise you. A few other nice surprises are Candy. I love how she has changed and will like to see where her character goes. Alec is a sweety as always and I thought he was the one. How ever after reading this book I am Team Tony. I love this guy and if I could I would write myself into the book and take him. 

The book has a great fast pace where you get to see what life is like now on earth and it even introduces you to older games the characters have never heard of. Bad to say with todays technology I can see this being true one day with people only knowing stuff they can play on a computer of some sort. The love is still sweet and clean to where you will have no problems letting a younger person read this book. Great job on that ladies! The action is incredible you get to see the bad guys/ creatures and what they can do. To wrap this up I love this series and see it becoming a favorite reread of mine. Pick this up for a futuristic series with human with powers, love, survival and so much more. I am not so patiently waiting for the next book I want it now lol.
5 out of 5 Bats~Pam


  1. i have just finished both of these as well...fast paced, keeps you wondering what's going to happen next, characters that you actually care about. can't wait until the next one is out to see what happens next. these authors do a great job of finishing on a cliff hanger...literally mid-scene.

  2. Thank you so much for the awesome book review! <3 LOL Elizabeth, yes that was a controversial cliff hanger. We didn't want to do it twice in a row but didn't know how in the world to cut the scene without going into a whole new plot line. Good news is we are writing book 3 for Nanowrimo so hopefully it will be available to download by mid December. <3

  3. It actually is quite effective, and you did the same thing in the first book as well. Periodically, i have found myself wondering what there is about books that keep me reading all night, for instance. Of course, a great plot and characters is part of it, but i've been realizing that the other common characteristic is that there is no natural stopping point...the action literally pulls you from one chapter to the next, which is often a reader's clue that this is a good stopping point (so that, of course, you can do the more mundane things such as cooking supper, or doing the laundry, or sleeping). if you don't get that clue, then there it is much harder physically to actually put the book down and go about your life. This is the same technique you have used..the reader HAS to get that next book in order to satisfy the brain's need to come to resolution...

  4. Love it! Yes, I love fast paced books too.

  5. Wow! I haven't read the first one yet but it makes it better to know that the 2nd is just as good as the first!!!

    Thanks PRR!!!