October 24, 2012

The Girl Who Was On Fire - Review

The Girl Who Was On Fire

Book Blurb
Katniss Everdeen's adventures may have come to an end, but her story continues to blaze in the hearts of millions worldwide.

In The Girl Who Was on Fire, thirteen YA authors take you back to Panem with moving, dark, and funny pieces on Katniss, the Games, Gale and Peeta, reality TV, survival, and more. From the trilogy's darker themes of violence and social control to fashion and weaponry, the collection's exploration of the Hunger Games reveals exactly how rich, and how perilous, protagonist Katniss' world really is.

• How does the way the Games affect the brain explain Haymitch's drinking, Annie's distraction, and Wiress' speech problems?
• What does the rebellion have in common with the War on Terror?
• Why isn't the answer to "Peeta or Gale?" as interesting as the question itself?
• What should Panem have learned from the fates of other hedonistic societies throughout history and what can we?

The Girl Who Was On Fire covers all three books in the Hunger Games trilogy.

My Review
I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for a honest review. This is a collection from several YA authors as they write essays on The Hunger Games trilogy. Being a Hunger Games fan I knew I had to read it to get their thoughts on this series. You need to take your time reading this as they all make great points. I love reading why they think the books have done so well and why they think Katniss ended up with who she did. Sorry no spoilers from me lol. Each essay will make you think and gives great points as in why Suzanne Collins may have wrote the books the way she did. Some of the essays point out to where the books are similar to books that are already written. While reading this some of the stories did stay with me while some dragged on. One I really enjoyed is by Carrie Ryan she really seem to stand out in this book. Over all most of the stories range from 2.5 to a 4. I would pick this up if you have read and enjoy the Hunger Games Series. If you haven't read them I wouldn't pick this up because it does have spoilers in it.
Overall 4 out of 5 Bats~Pam


  1. oh..oh.. you're teasing me lol

  2. I agree that it sounds very interesting. Honestly I have many questions about Hunger Games.
    Demitra Giote

  3. ow, i really don't know that they published this book.
    the hunger games trilogy is one of my favorite reading this year. i love katnis everdeen, and i love chinna so much. i was crying when chinna is dead.
    this book absolutely on my list. but i raelly wish that Indonesia publishers will take the license to published it in Idonesian language ^^