October 20, 2012

Wilder - Review

Wilder (The Chosen Ones #5) by Christina Dodd

Book Blurb
Only beloved author Christina Dodd could bring you the explosive paranormal excitement of the Chosen Ones combined with Aleksandr Wilder's story ... and redemption...

As a young man, Aleksandr Wilder abandoned his duty--and for that lapse, he was tortured, tormented ... and transformed. Now he prowls the tunnels beneath the city, fighting on the frontline against the forces of hell, never daring to dream that he can live as a man again.
After seven years fighting the world's ultimate evil, Chosen One Charisma Fangorn has become a tough, strong warrior without illusions or joy...even her gift of hearing the earthsong has faded. Deaf to her own instincts, she never suspects that a monster lurks in the dark underneath the streets.
When Aleksandr finds Charisma under attack, he rescues and cares for her, and hope stirs once more in his heart...and in the world. But in the secret recesses of his soul, he knows the truth. A woman so exceptional could never love a beast...could she?

My Review
The Guardian stays below the city to help the humans fight the demons even if they don't know he is there. He doesn't remember his past or who he is. Charisma feels her powers weakening but still continues to fight the evil that is threatening all of mankind. When she is hurt in a battle the Guardian rescues her and helps her heal. As she heals she also begins to heal the Guardian who thinks of his self just as a horrible creature. They must come together if they want the good to win.

If you have read the Darkness Chosen and the Chosen One series you will for sure want to read this one. It wraps up both series wonderfully. You get to see all the old characters you have come to know and love. Aleksander and Charisma have a unique love match that is sort of like Beauty and the Beast only so much better and hotter. I love both these characters. Charisma is so strong and lets face it she has to be to tame the beast known as the Guardian. The  love scenes are so steamy and hot and the story line is fantastic. You get it all in this book. Love, fight scenes, paranormal creatures and so much more. If you love Adult Paranormal Romance you should try this book or both the series. It is well worth it they will get you hooked in this fantastical world.
5 out of 5 Bats~Pam


  1. sounds awesome to read

  2. wow! 5 star review!
    i haven't read this series yet. but i love christina dodd's books! it sounds great!
    thank you for the review ^^

  3. i love beauty and the beast and the best is i love smart and strong heroine, this sounds great book, looking forward to read this one because love hot book *grin