October 29, 2012

Mill's Folly - Review

Mill's Folly - A Journey With Evil 
by P.A. Sirko

Book Blurb
Over centuries Lew Mills, a Grim Reaper, has strategically placed himself into human catastrophes to secure a high score against other Reapers in the game of death. But greed leads Mills to seek wealth and retirement in the year 1865. Abandoning the ill-fated paddle steamer Brother Jonathan in Crescent City California, he travels into the alien wilderness of Kentucky to find solace. Deadly consequences in Campbell County do not remove the demon from challenging a nemesis awaiting him in 1998, his great granddaughter. Spanning 147 years, this saga is set against a backdrop of doomed steamships, ex-slaves following the Civil War, thoroughbred farms, Churchill Downs, and deep sea diving.

My Review
Mill's Folly is a very interesting book. While reading it I got to travel back in time and back to the future. When a Grim Reaper thinks he has it all made and can retire to the wilds of Kentucky he soon finds he is wrong. Even though all the reapers have a score to keep to see who will be top dog so to say he is losing and wants to stay away from it all. He finds a new challenge in an unlikely form his. Great granddaughter years later in the future.
I really enjoy the passage of time in this book. I felt like I was underwater at times and at other times in the wilds. The author did a great job writing history and giving it a nice flair. The story of Lew Mill's trying his best to be the top reaper and what all he is willing to do is very intriguing. Be sure to read this for some one of a kind characters. If you like a little history in your stories be sure to pick this up. I know this may seem like a vague review I just don't want to give away the books secrets. I did enjoy it a lot and was thrilled to read it.
4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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