April 02, 2014

Back Before Dawn : Review

Back Before Dark (Code of Silence #2)
by Tim Shoemaker
A detour through the park leads Cooper, Gordy, Hiro, and Lunk straight into a trap, and Gordy is abducted! For the kidnapper, it's all a game, a way to settle an old score, with no one getting hurt. But evil has a way of escalating, and once his identity is discovered, the rules change. Despite the best of police efforts, the hours tick by without a clue or a ransom call, leaving everyone to their own fears. Gordy is gone. Cooper descends deeper into a living nightmare, imagining the worst for his best friend and cousin. Hours stretch into days, and talks of a memorial service begin to surface. But Cooper still feels his cousin is alive and develops a reckless plan, changing all the rules. Now the one who set out to rescue his friend needs to be rescued himself. Sometimes rescuing a friend from darkness means going in after them.
My Review
Trying to get home before dark Gordy, Cooper, Hiro and Lunk take a detour through the park. That is when the bad happens. Gordy is kidnapped by a madman out for revenge. While the days pass and others give up hope, Cooper never gives up that Gordy is alive. He will stop at nothing to save him and get him home.

The kids n this book are very resourceful. They are smart and never give up. While Lunk hasn't been their friend for very long he shows how much he wants to be part and help out. Along with Hiro and Cooper they work together to track down Gordy and put a stop to the madman. Cooper feels guilty even when it's not his fault and has to deal with that. The kidnapper wants to show the cops how smart he is and how much he can et away with. Gordy is just in the wrong place wrong time. They all find out secrets about others in their town as they hunt for Gordy. This is a good action book with some remarkable kids who show just what friendship means to them.
3 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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