April 11, 2014

Zombie, Indiana : Review

Zombie, Indiana
by Scott Kenemore    

In the third book of his Zombie series, Scott Kenemore brings the explosive horror thriller of an undead outbreak in the city of Indianapolis. Zombie, Indiana takes place during the same timeline as the outbreaks in his books Zombie, Ohio and Zombie, Illinois, and has the same punch as the previous two.

Zombie, Indiana explores the impact of an invading zombie horde on a trio of Hoosier protagonists . . . each of whom have some dark secrets to keep. When the governor’s daughter mysteriously disappears on a field trip, IMPD Special Sergeant James Nolan, scholarship student Kesha Washington, and Governor Hank Burleson must all come together not only to find the governor’s daughter, but also to undertake a quest to redeem the very soul of the state itself . . . all while under constant attack from the living dead.

With humorous, memorable characters, tense action sequences, and brutal zombie violence, Zombie, Indiana will put readers in mind of some of the most compelling works of popular fiction. At once a mystery, a thriller, and a horror novel, Kenemore strikes again with this rollicking tour through America’s heartland that is nothing but a tour de force for zombie fiction fans!
My Review
        The governor's daughter has disappeared and zombies have attacked. Special agent James Nolan is sent to find her. He finds some survivors and they work together to figure out what has happened and where she as gone to. Kesha survived her field trip and is hunting down other survivors. She learns son not t trust some people. The governor knows more than he lets on about the zombie rise and his daughter may be he key to putting a stop to it.

I looked forward to reading this as I love zombie books. Set in Indiana I looked forward to some people who know how to take care of there selves. I really liked Kesha as she was tough and used her head. While I wouldn't call her an outcast she isn't one of the popular kids. Madison is the popular girl who everyone circles around. I figured she would be a snob being the governor's daughter but she actual surprised me. She has a mind of her own and is willing to do the right thing. The zombies for me really weren't a huge part of the book. It is a mystery and a danger all around. You keep reading to see who is behind it and how it will end. It has a few surprises I did not see coming and I enjoyed that.
3 out of 5 Bats~Pam 

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