April 26, 2014

Interview with Author Patricia Eddy

Hi everyone! Please give a welcome to Author Patricia Eddy to the blog and page today. We have info on her book and an interview with her today.

What is your book(s) about? 
I write books about all sorts of paranormal creatures. By the Fates is a series all about witches, humans, and devils. Secrets in Blood is a twist on the classic vampire tale. I write about strong, capable, kick-butt women and the alpha men who fall for them. I'm a sucker for happy endings, but I also like the dark side of society, so my characters usually go through some pretty intense experiences. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself? 
I've been a writer my entire life. I write every day, even if it's just for ten or fifteen minutes. I can't stop. I have four books out currently, and am planning on three more books this year including a non-paranormal erotica novel. 

What started your interest in writing? 
I can't really say. I've always written. I remember sitting at my parents' kitchen counter when I was no older than seven or eight typing out little stories on their first computer. I really ramped up my writing during a bad marriage. Writing helped me process my emotions and my stress. Even though my life is pretty good now, I'm still going strong. 

What are your currently working on? 
I just sent my erotic suspense tale, In His Silks to my editor and I'm now going back to finish my elemental werewolf romance: A Shift in the Water. It's about a werewolf who's trapped as his wolf by an elemental (kind of a witch). When he gets free, he realizes that his rescuer is his mate. 

How long did it take you to get your rough draft finished on your latest release? 
Oh my. This was a long one. Six months. Though it was that long because I don't tend to work on one thing at a time. I was writing two other books during that time - on that's been published already and A Shift in the Water. 

If you could be any paranormal creature what would you be?
  This answer changes by the day. I love the idea of being a shifter. I'd love to be able to hide out as an animal sometimes. Plus, have you ever seen a cat or dog sleep? They sleep so completely and totally. But I'd also like to be a vampire because being nearly immortal would be awesome. 

What was the first book you remember reading? 
Oh my . I have no idea. probably a Nancy Drew mystery. 

How did you come up with your title?
 By the Fates came to me easily and it really ended up shaping the novel. Secrets in Blood just made sense. But A Shift in the Water was a hard process. I went through dozens of titles before I came up with that one. When I choose a title, I always do a search on Amazon first. I don't want my title to be the exact title of another book. It helps for searching. 

Who is your support team? 
I have a couple of amazing beta readers who give me great feedback (good and bad). My husband is awesome at doing dishes so I can write and I just hired the most amazing assistant. I'd be lost without her. 

What do you do when you're not writing?
 I'm a professional editor as well as an author, so I edit other indie authors. I love to run and do Barre classes and I have a full time job as well in technology. I do a little bit of everything-except sleep. 

What was the latest book you read? 
I just finished First Surrender by Katie Reus. She writes wonderful strong female characters. 

Where did you get the idea for your book(s)?
 A lot of the time the ideas come to me in dreams. I tend to start out with a single scene in my head and build the story around that. 

Are any of your characters like you? 
Oh, I think I have small pieces of myself in a lot of my characters. My heroines are the types of women I want to be and want to know, even if they occasionally do things that I hate or would never do. 

What genres do you write in?
 I write paranormal romance, paranormal suspense, and erotica. 

Is there anything you will never write about?
 Nope. Nothing is off limits. I even have a memoir type non-fiction book with a few thousand words. I don't know if I'll finish it, but it's started. 

Do you have a favorite quote from your book(s)?
"Clearly screwing a vampire doesn't mean you care for one." (okay, I didn't use the word screwing. My word started with f.)

Is there anything you would tell aspiring writers? 
Just write. Keep writing. You're a writer if you write. And if you don't write, you can't publish. So write. 

If zombies attacked what kind of supplies would you want? 
A very sharp sword and very comfortable shoes. 

Who designed your cover(s)? 
Ravven (www.ravven.com) has done all of my published covers. I just chose a new cover designer for the erotica series. Melody Barber. 

Have you learned anything from writing your book(s)?
 Oh too much to type out! But mainly I'd probably say that I learned to not always listen to the little voice in my head that tells me I'm not good enough. I let it spur me on to make me better, but I don't let it discourage me. 

What was the hardest part of writing your book(s)?

If you could sit down with any author dead or alive who would it be? 
Carolyn Keene. Nancy Drew had such an effect on me. 

If you cowrite a book with any author who would it be?
 Lindsay Buroker. I love he books. She was the indie author who really got me into writing. Hers was the first indie book that I read and I just loved it. 

What is your favorite paranormal being? 
That changes regularly. Right now it's werewolves. 

How do you react to a bad review?
 It depends. Most reviews have some kernel of knowledge in them I can use. I've been fortunate to not get many bad ones, but the few I have motivate me to try to do better. But I also know that I can't be all things to all people. So I read the review, let myself wallow for an hour or two, and then move on. If there's something there I can use, I use it. Otherwise I move on. 

Do you keep a notebook near your for when new ideas pop into your head?
 I never go anywhere (other than to a fitness class or on a run) without my notebook. And even those places I usually have my smartphone so I can always email myself a note. 

If you write a series do you reread your previous books before you begin the new one? 

Does much research go into your novels? 
Definitely! I love research. It's one of the best parts of being a writer. I've learned to fight (a little), learned how to pick locks, and am about to take archery lessons. I also make sure that my geography is accurate and that my medical facts are as close to accurate as I can get without going to med school. I have a friend who is a nurse. He's helped a lot. 

Is there anything you wish to say to your readers? 
Leave reviews! Share! And thank you to all of you who've sent notes of encouragement. Those mean the world to me.

Secrets in Blood (In Blood #1)
by Patricia D. Eddy
Vampires have been living in the open for centuries, but the laws prohibit them feeding directly from humans. A group of young American vampires wants those laws changed and will do anything to accomplish their goal.

An extremist religious group, believing vampires to be an abomination against God, works to develop a serum that will stay the vampires’ quick healing, effectively turning them mortal.

While visiting America, Italian vampire Nicola Angliatti tries to rescue a lost little girl, only to discover she is being used as bait. Captured by the extremists, restrained in silver, his body is used to develop the serum. Years later, near death, he’s discovered by that same little girl, now grown. The attraction between the two of them is instant and inexplicable. Can Evangeline free Nicola from his silver bonds? And if she does, what will happen between them?

By the Fates, Freed (By the Fates #1)
by Patricia D. Eddy
An ancient prophecy. A secret clan determined to see the world returned to war. A witch marked for death. 

Ealasaid has just come of age when the devil clan binds her. They steal her name, her voice, and her virtue. Her magic suppressed, she is held in the dark for ten long years, tortured and alone. She prays for a death she knows will never come. 

Raven is a powerful warlock, but though he has made a name for himself as a finder and a protector, he is largely unfulfilled. When the Fates send him to the witch, he has only to touch her to discover that she is his mate, the one he is fated to love for all eternity. He must free her and protect her or his life will be over. 

Once freed, Ealasaid fights against the darkness that still threatens. The fate of the world rests on her scarred shoulders, but with Raven by her side to share the burden, can she triumph?

Destined (By the Fates #1.5)
by Patricia D. Eddy
Ami escaped the devils' torture, but her body and mind are far from healed. She fears what she was forced to reveal when the mind-mage invaded her thoughts. 

A dark protector, exotic and powerful, arrives from the west. Seònaid knows from the first time she meets Ami that the two are destined for each other. But Seònaid harbors a secret that threatens to destroy the budding relationship between the two women. 

When the secret is revealed, Ami is shattered. Will she overcome Seònaid's betrayal? Can she ever trust her again?

By the Fates, Fought (By the Fates, #2)
by Patricia D. Eddy
Spring in Gralvein brings Ealasaid peace. Six months to the day Raven found her shackled and tortured in the devil's lair, their public handfasting is the happiest day of her life. But a storm is coming. Devils join King Eideard's Guarda and watch Ealasaid constantly. Faolan's spies report Lobhdain is plotting. What is this mystical artifact he searches for? 

When the devils attack and one of their allies disappears, Raven and Ealasaid fear they will never be safe. Can they manage a daring rescue? Or will Ealasaid lose everything she holds dear?

By the Fates Origins, Rhona
by Patricia D. Eddy
Edan and Rhona Guinne had two wonderful years together. But as their daughter is born, Edan's life comes to its end. Alone and frightened, Rhona receives a message from the Fates. Run. 

This is an origin story for the By the Fates trilogy. It is approximately 6,500 words and is intended to be read as a companion to By the Fates, Freed.

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