October 16, 2013

Carved In Stone - Review

Carved in Stone by Kate Douglas

Archeologist and folklore expert Nate Murdock has discovered ancient stone carvings that will either revolutionize thinking in his field or get him laughed out of it entirely, and he’s hired world-renowned photographer Alex Martin to document his find and bolster his claim. When the alluring Alexandra Martin, not Alex, shows up for the job, Nate’s not sure whether to send her packing or take her into his arms. 

Alexandra Martin, the daughter of the famed photographer and just as talented with a camera, is a dark-haired and dark-eyed beauty. Years ago her father built his reputation on photographs he’d stolen from her, and she’s out to prove once and for all that she’s the real deal. When the opportunity to work with the celebrated and ruggedly handsome Nate Murdock falls into her lap, she jumps at the chance—whether he likes it or not.

As tempers flare and accusations fly, the two dig in for a battle of wills and an uneasy truce at their remote mountainside camp. But when drug smugglers trap them in a cave and leave them to die, Nate and Alexandra realize they must trust each other—and the fiery passion growing between them—and surrender to a mysterious force as it guides them through a perilous escape and the acceptance of a powerful love as primal and compelling as the mountain itself.

My Review
Nate Murdock has made a big discovery of ancient stone carvings that will get his name out there. They are a wonderful find. He hires Alex Martin to photograph them for him. What he doesn't expect is Alex to be a she. She is the daughter of a famous photographer out to make her mark. She should already be well known since her dad stole some of her pictures and won awards for them. Now she just has to convince Nick she is up for the job so she can prove to everyone she is good at what she does. They stumble across drug smugglers and get trapped in a cave. As they have to learn to work together the spark between them grows to something more. They have to find a way out of the cave before it is to late. They have some help in the form of spirits and they learn more about the carvings. Distrust and tempers just may keep them from becoming more.

This is a quick interesting read. I enjoyed the plot and I will say the characters felt very real. Why because they both have faults. I like when the characters aren't perfect. Nate has a temper and at times can seem sexist even when he doesn't mean to be. Alex is great at her job and not afraid to take chances. However her past with her dad has left her not trusting anyone. She has a temper and is quick to walk away in a huff. The paranormal spirits are a great touch. I like their story and wish we had seen more of them. This book has plenty of sizzle as Nate and Alex both are attracted to each other but fight it at first. They both grow and change as the book progresses and I like the ending. This is a good stand alone book. 

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review.

3 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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