October 26, 2013

Inheritance:World of the Guardians Review

Inheritance: World of the Guardians by S.K. Whiteside
“Talk about hell on earth…”

Sekhmet’s life was pretty good; you know for a goddess. Her job was simple – kill those that sought to go against the creator. It was a job she was good at but unfortunately got a little too carried away with when she almost single handedly wiped out mankind. For her penance she has spent the last thousand years serving as one of the Guardians; a group of immortals that protect mankind and led by the Goddess Isis – who kind of had her own anger issues. 

The Azura, a league of immortal bad asses, are literally trying to bring hell on earth and with it, Set – the banished God and ruler of the Makhaut. For the first time in history and with the help of the Makhaut, they may actually pull it off. Even the Guardians are at a loss.

In the Hail Mary of all attempts to save the world Isis, now going by Isira, sends Sekhmet to New Orleans, to find and protect the “Key” but when it is determined that a traitor lies among the Guardians, Sekhmet, now going by the name of Syn, is forced to seek help in the most unlikely of places…her least favorite person and fellow Guardian…Malachi.

What’s a former Goddess to do?

Oh yeah, kick butt and take names.

My Review
Sekhmet is great at her job as a goddess. She punishes those that goes against the creator. When she goes to far she is made into a Guardian sent to protect mankind with other immortal under the eye of the goddess Isis. When the Azura set out to bring the world to hell and bring Makhaut free they are close to succeeding. It is up to Sekhmet and the other guardians to figure out how and stop it. Sekhmet now known as Sin is sent to find the Key and she will need the help of the one person she doesn't want around. She needs Malachi help as it seems there is a traitor in the mix.

Sin is a powerful guardian who walks a thin line of trying not to go to far. She is a kick ass female who is simply amazing. I love her character and want more of her. There is many characters in this book but another one that stood out to me was Echo. Love, love him! This book brings a refreshing modernization of Egyptian mythology. You see what they may be like if they where in this time period. You also get to see them in the past and how their actions effected their future. I loved diving into this world and all that went with it. I will say throwing in the vampires and werewolves and more was so awesome. I love it. You never know what will happen. I will say I did figure out the key before it was revealed but I was surprised at the ending that was a twist I didn't see coming. This author does a fantastic job creating a world you want more of. If you love mythology and want something new try this book.If you love paranormal books try this one. Basically try this book.

4 out of 5 Bats ~Pam

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