October 06, 2013

Top Ten with Elaine Calloway

Hi everyone! Today our top ten is with author Elaine Calloway. She is sharing her top ten movies to watch around Halloween and her latest release.

Raging Fire ( The Elemental Clans #2)
Phoenix, a hot-tempered Fire Elemental stationed in Manhattan, didn’t think life could get any worse. To improve his people skills, he is demoted from Wall Street fat-cat to lowly paramedic, where he must deal with humans at their very worst–and most vulnerable. The humans he has protected for centuries, but never dared get close to.

Abby, an ER doctor who lives for the job, notices an emerging pattern. Suicide attempts have skyrocketed, flooding her ER with victims. Coma patients go missing with no explanation. In her quest to learn the truth, the last thing she needs is a cocky paramedic with a chip on his shoulder.

But when they are forced to pair up, tempers ignite. Abby is stunned and fearful to discover Phoenix is an Elemental being; Phoenix learns that the rampant suicides befalling Manhattan are not a coincidence, but a planned strategy. Carlyle, leader of the evil Fallen Angel clan, has garnered special powers and has a new agenda–one that will reap innocent souls by the thousands.

Together, Phoenix and Abby must overcome their differences and save humanity–before they become the next target in Carlyle’s crosshairs.

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Top Ten Movies to watch around Halloween
1. The Shining
2. IT
3. Little Shop of Horrors
4. The Exorcist
5. Sleepy Hollow
6. Carrie
7. Strangers on a Train
8. Poltergeist
9. Stand by Me
10. Signs

fell in love in junior high school. Not with the football captain, but with writing and the magical power of words. Words, like humans, make us feel. Words build us up or tear us down, take us on exciting adventures through exotic lands, calm us after a long day or make us shiver with eerie delight. It was all these things and more that made me destined to put pen to paper, and I’ve never looked back.

In fact, one could say I was destined to put words to page when I was just a little girl. There is even the picture of me at the typewriter to prove it! LOL.

Originally from New Orleans (I can still do a decent Cajun accent upon request), I grew up with fresh seafood, a love of old steeples, cemeteries and architecture, and exposure to a melting pot of people. After filling more journals than I could count (surely I’m not the only person who has every day of high school recorded?) I pursued the short story market, where 3 stories from my imagination wound up in anthologies.

Eventually I pursued the novel-length fiction market, which feels more like home. I am currently writing a paranormal series. All my books are set in iconic places such as New Orleans, New York City, Savannah, Portland, and more.

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