October 19, 2013

Top Ten with Author Shelley Martin

Hi everyone! Today our top ten is with Author Shelley Martin. She has her top ten movies to watch around Halloween and info on the first book in her Shadow Fans series which she has made free for today! The fifth book comes out later this month!

Naru never believed he could earn the love of the Lord’s daughter, he never imagined the Mountain Spirit needed him to defeat demons on her land, and he never considered becoming the Mountain Spirit’s favored high priest.
Aya, the lord’s daughter, feared she’d never learn the identity of the Mountain Spirit’s helper, she didn’t think she’d fall so in love with a man who she’d never met, and she couldn’t believe he was the lowliest peasant, right under her nose all her life.
Naru learns strength from the Mountain Spirit and trust from Lady Aya. But, when the village is in danger of destruction, Naru must use the Shadow Fan to save everyone, including his beloved Aya. With just a flick of the wrist it could heal or destroy. The price? The life of the user; if their heart is unbalanced.

Top Ten movies to watch around Halloween.
1. The Ring
2. The Ninth Gate
3. Event Horizon
4. The Village
5. Blair Witch Project
6. Seven
7. The Sixth Sense
8. Thirteen Ghosts
9. Practical Magic
10. Scream

Author Bio
Shelley Martin taught kindergarten and ran cattle; once upon a time.
She’s now a mother and wife, and loves living in North Idaho. Her
imagination has always plagued her, the characters jumping into her
head at some random song or thought. She’s currently president of her
local chapter of Idaho Writer’s League and enjoys speaking at many
events and schools. The paranormal has always fascinated her, and
nothing draws her to the page more than the whisperings of fantastical


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  1. Oooh I totally forgot about 13 Ghosts! That one was fun!