October 26, 2013

Top Ten with Author Emily Hill

Hi everyone! Today we have Author Emily Hill with her top ten movies and books to read and watch around Halloween and info on her latest released book.

a NaNoWriMo 2012 winner!
(Sexual Content and Language Warning.)

1853 New Orleans ~ As the frenzied drumbeats of Voodoo ceremonies vibrate throughout the city, Victoria Calais, beautiful ingénue and resident of New Orleans' Garden District, is losing her vision. A Yellow Fever epidemic has just swept the city, leaving her parents and sister dead.

As she goes blind Victoria is visited by a poltergeist that terrorizes the family priest, Father Vivenzio, a frequent (an opportunistic) visitor to the Calais' estate, La Maison du Corbeau Blanc (The House of the White Falcon). Victoria is viewed, by the priest, as the catalyst of the supernatural activity haunting the manor.

To contain the poltergeist, Victoria is abducted by Father Vivenzio and imprisoned at St. Ann's Convent.

Unable to gain spiritual supremacy over the unworldly activity swirling through Corbeau Blanc; and atgreat personal expense to himself Father Vivenzio calls on Widow Paris, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, who is to identify the source of the supernatural activity thwarting the priest's attempts at controlling Victoria's estate.

The identity of Father Vivenzio's supernatural nemesis is revealed at Mardi Gras during a wild carriage race through the streets of New Orleans!

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Top Ten movies and books for Halloween
Rosemary's Baby 
Black Water 
Salem's Lot 
Twittering From the Circus of The Dead 
The Masque of The Red Death 

 The Excorsist
 Amnityville Horror
 Paranormal Activity - Series
T Invasion of the Body Snatchers
 The Haunting of Hill House
 The Conjuring
Night of The Living Dead

Author Bio
Emily Hill is a believer in the supernatural.

She is owner of A.V. Harrison Publishing and has published many of her own -- and clients -- books over the past four years including award-winning 'How Dachshunds Came to Be' by Kizzie Jones and 'Voodoo Vision: New Orleans House of Spirits' (among the 2012 NaNoWriMo winners.)

Formerly a publication assistant for corporate magazine, 'Weyerhaeuser Today', Ms. Hill currently manages her publishing business and writes ghost stories and historical novels.

She invites you to visit her 'Ghost Chaser's Page' at http://www.EmilyHillWriter.com. She blogs at http://emilyhillwriter.wordpress.com/ ~ Follow Her!

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