October 26, 2013

Violet Storm - Review

Violet Storm (Violet Night Trilogy #3)
by Lynn Rush
The darkest hours reveal the purest of souls…

Emma Martin may have severed her mind-scrambling bloodlink by killing the vicious vampire, Seth, but he’s left his mark. When she starts to lose time and begins hearing strange voices, Emma fears she’s either going crazy, or something much darker has weaseled its way into her mind—and her soul. 

Jake Cunningham’s greatest fears come to fruition when an ancient evil, able to change humans into vampires through his bite, comes for his fiancĂ©, Emma. Jake’s faith is tested beyond human limits as he fights to save his soulmate from an eternity of darkness.
Love might not be enough to light the path back to one another.

***A portion of all proceeds donated to cancer research and treatment***

My Review
Emma and Jake have defeated Seth and are moving on with there lives. Things seem pretty calm with not many vampires around and they look forward to their future. Problems arise when Emma begins to hear voices and she doesn't remember several things. While Jake worries about an old bite that doesn't heal on Emma they aren't prepared for the evil that arises. It is one that will challenge everything about them and their friends. Will their love be enough to save them and their friends. They are in the battle of their lives in this book.

Emma is in love with Jake more than every. They have a few problems in this book. One being that she is finding it hard to wait for marriage. A few other reasons being that Jake's parents seem to have turned against her. They don't love her like they did. Emma also hides things from Jake and tries to hold back some things. She learns to grow in this book and see she needs him. I love how strong emotional as well as physical she is in this book. Jake is amazing as always. If Emma doesn't want him I will take him any day. He has to face trying his best to help Emma and at times being helpless.

I love and hated this book. I loved it because it is so wonderful and the author has done an amazing job wrapping up the series. I hate it because it is last in the series. So I have a good reason for hating lol. I really enjoyed seeing these characters grow so much in this book. Not just Emma and Jake but all the others we know and love along with some new ones. This book has some surprises and twist I didn't see coming that made it wonderful. Evil truly rises in this book and I at times worried about the outcome. If you haven't tried this series yet you really need to. It is a wonderful book with vampires and so much more. True love is a great thing in this book.

5 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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