October 21, 2013

Top Ten with Author Buffi BeCraft

Hi everyone! Our top ten is with author Buffi BeCraft today. We have her top ten movies/ shows to watch around Halloween and info on her latest released book.

When the going gets tough, the tough get...furry?

Matthew Ridley is having one hell of a day. Being hijacked by his crazy werewolf brother-in-law, kidnapped by scientist’s intent of killing off supernaturals, and getting turned into a strange hybrid were-lion isn't enough. Werewolves, werecats, and whatever...it's going to be one interesting family reunion.

Matthew also has an ancient Egyptian cat-goddess insisting that he's the Leo, the king destined to bring all the werecats together. Now if only he can get his lovely queen, Naomi to agree, then they might be able to bring their people home.

Newest Book: Cat Scratch Fever

Movies/TV shows to watch at Halloween- I don't watch regular TV. I'm
one of those 'cable cutters' people keep reading about--either watch
on the internet or stuff that at I buy on DVD counts as a movie/show
for me. Also, I am a BIG CHICKEN, so my choices may seem pretty tame.

1)Evil Dead 2- By far the funniest 'horror' movie I have ever seen.
2)Evil Dead 3 Army of Darkness- Eventually, I'll watch the first one,
but the last two are the best.
3)Zombieland- Because when the world is ends, WHY NOT go on a quest
for the last Twinkie?
4)The Walking Dead season 1- grab your popcorn and settle in for a
LOOOONG session of TV watching. The actual storyline will keep you
from being grossed out since you are still figuring things out as you
go along while screaming at stupid characters.
5) Monster House- I love cartoons. It was cute and kid-friendly
creepy, like going trick or treating. I'll definitely watch again this
year if I get a chance.
6)Corpse Bride-This was sad and cute at the same time. While I never
cared for Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, I really
enjoyed all the elements of both the dead heroine's growth and the
hero actually 'growing a pair' in this story.

Here are my top scariest- and never to be watched again movies (I did
warn you that I was a chicken):
7)Signs- Okay, to be honest. I WILL NEVER watch that freaking show
again. I suggest it to other people who like suspense and scary. I
don't think I slept for a week after watching that.
8)Jeepers Creepers 2- Once again, this is on my Never to be Watched
List. I was good up until the end, then the last scene completely
freaked me out. And it's not even a well-made movie. The end just
freaking creeped me out.
9)The Exorcist- While this show is old, the ideals and the basic
belief of heaven and hell, demons, and such are so well portrayed,
that it is one of the top scariest movies ever in my book. Sleep is
not an option when I watch this.
10)Poltergeist 1- The first is the only one I made myself watch. It
was like 4 times before I saw the whole thing. I had nightmares each
time. I think this is one of the scariest movies ever. And now that
I've seen the whole thing, I will NEVER EVER EVER watch it again.

I warned you that my list may be odd. There is apparently a list of
scary movies that my family has to plans to baby me through. But they
are only giving out that one title at a time when they spring it on
me. As for scary books, I don't read them- Except for Laurel K
Hamilton's Anita Blake books. There are several in there that scared
the bejeezus out of me.

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  1. Buffi, I haven't watched all of your scariest movies, but those last two, I did see, and I'll never watch them again. On top of that, I'll never read a Stephen King book. I never want to get into his mind for any amount of money.