October 02, 2013

Top Ten with Author C.L. Champlain

Hi everyone! Today we have Author C.L. Champlain with her top ten movies to watch around Halloween and info on her latest released book.

Finding Dorothy (Fae of Lee) 
C.L. Champlain

After battling demons and druids, Dorothy wakes up in a hospital with no memories of who she is or what she has done for her people. Our journey continues as our fairy warriors try to remind Dorothy of who she is and what she means to them before it is to late.

Will they have enough time to remind her of who she is, so that she is ready to defeat the final threat and break the curse on the women of the O'Duggan family before anymore lives are lost? What will be the fate of Dorothy and her warriors as well as the people of Lee?

Finding Dorothy, book 3 in the Fae of Lee series.

C.L. Champlain Top Ten List
Top ten movies to watch around Halloween:
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Horror of Dracula with Christopher Lee
Interview With A Vampire
Hocus Pocus
Halloweentown movie series
White Noise
The Craft
Practical Magic

C.L. Champlain resides in a small upstate New York town, with her husband Jason.
She has two children, a daughter, Jade, 17, and a six year old Autistic son, Aidan.
She has always had a love for reading, and recently decided to try to put her daydreams on paper. She loves writing about County Cork, Ireland, where her Grandmother's family is from, as well as the small upstate New York area where she resides.
Always a fan of romance, and myths and legends, she is enjoying writing Paranormal Romance Novels.

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