October 13, 2013

Top Ten with Author Ian McCain

Hi everyone! Today we have author Ian McCain with his top ten Scariest books and top ten movies for Halloween.

Fifty-year-old Ernie Chase is just another liquor-soaked husk wandering the streets of New York City looking for his next drink; his body is broken and his mind is a slave to addiction. Things change when he is shot while witnessing a back alley drug deal. He imagines that his life is finally over, but instead he awakens to discover that he is handcuffed to a cot in an abandoned hospital and is somehow sober, healthy and 25 years younger.

Ernie is told that he has been infected with a dangerous virus which requires him to consume human blood to stay alive. He is given a simple choice by his captor; receive continuing treatment for his strange new condition in exchange for lifelong service, or face certain death.

His job is simple now: 
Recruit for the Farm. 
Distribute the Product to the Infected.

It all seems so uncomplicated until other Infected start to descend on the city, looking for their next fix.

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My Top 10 Movies to Watch In October:
This is by no means a full list of my October movies, but these are
ones that I definitely try to see before Halloween.

10) The Ring
9) Let the Right One In (Swedish Version) and the American – Let Me In
8) Pet Semetary
7) Poltergeist
6) The Omen
5) 28 Days Later
4) The Mist
3) The Exorcist
2) The Thing
1) Halloween

My Top 10 Scariest Books:
I started reading horror novels when I was about 11 years old. My mom
was an avid reader and loved Stephen King. So, when she was done with
them, I would secretly take them and read them (or try to read as much
as I could find the courage to get through). Years later I re-read
most of them and found them to be just as scary as an adult as they
were when I was a kid. Here is my list.

10) Pet Semetary
9) Let the Right One In
8) Misery
7) Jaws
6) The Exorcist
5) It
4) Salem’s Lot
3) Cujo
2) I am Legend
1) The Ruins

Ian S. McCain is, in the simplest terms, an entrepreneur, a fan of Improv and puzzles, a marketing strategist, a social butterfly, a husband and a father. Currently he spends his days working in a small shed which has been poorly repurposed as a business office. He has a background in film production and scriptwriting, having written, produced and/or directed six award-winning short films which have been in competition in over sixty national and international film festivals, winning various Awards and Critical Accolades.

Ian spent the ages of eleven to seventeen legally blind due to a degenerative eye disease, and later started the patient and family resource website www.kcvision.org. With the help of some fancy lenses and a half dozen surgeries (including a corneal transplant) he is now able to see again. He has a terrible singing voice, but is however a surprisingly good dancer.

By day Ian works in Information Technology as the Director of Operations for an IT consulting firm. At night, while his family is sleeping, he writes; trying hard to strike a balance between creative and business worlds. Ian lives in Orlando, Florida, with his wife, two sons, and their neurotic but lovable dog.

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