November 02, 2012

And They All Lived Happily Ever After Tour- Review and Giveaway

Hi all and welcome to our stop on the And They All Lived Happily Ever After Blog Tour. First up some about the book and an excerpt.

Title: And They All Lived Happily Ever After!
Author: Crystal Connor
Published: Self Published – August 14th, 2012
Genre: Horror Anthology
Word Count: 65,306

Fourteen short stories of horror, science fiction, and fantasy; 65,306 words of terror by a single author who clearly intends to one day be known as a Master in the genre.


There's a whole host of benefits allotted to those, who, like myself, possess these very specialized sets of skills. One of the benefits is, that afterward, you sleep really good at night and I mean really good. What? Well, it’s true, it’s hard to believe I know, but trust me it’s true. Sam, my uncle, sent me to this exotic land that used to smell of frankincense and myrrh. He sent us there, my brothers-in-arms and me, so that we could become proficient in the art of death. We we’re good at what we did, because now it only smells of gun powder, burnt oil, and death.

That's a hellofa predicament you’ve found yourself in, isn't it? Well at least now you know I'm good with a gun and thanks to my Uncle Sam I am also very comfortable with a blade. This ten inch beauty here is a staple, its sharp enough to be use a machete. But this one, with the gut hook, is my all time favorite and I'll show you why here in a minute. Now, I can understand why you broke into my home, these are tough times, and a guys gotta eat I get that. I do. Maybe I would have let you live if you had simply demanded my money and jewels, but, then again, I was never known for being charitable.

My Review
And They All Lived Happily Ever After is a collection of short stories.There is a wide range for everyone as it has stories about zombies, haunted houses, the real Santa Claus, disturbed friends and so much more. You really get into the stories and a lot of times wish they were longer because you don't wish them to end. I will tell you about a few of the short stories with no spoilers. In The Lazarus Antidote we find ourselves in a world after a zombie outbreak has occurred. The world is a whole new place and scientist are trying to find a cure. While one scientist is hard at work trying to work on the cure she is being hunted by a killer who is hired to take her out. Just when you think things will turn out great a tragedy happens. In Best Friends Forever one friend stalks another anyway she can. This story I enjoyed because sad to say I could picture it easily happening in real life. I am sure we have all seen it on the news or elsewhere. In Amber's New Friend we find ourselves living in a worse horror than any movie we have seen. The house is haunted by a girl ghost who not only tries to run the new owners out but tries to turn the child against her parents in little ways. In The Christmas Wish we find out who Santa Claus really is. I believe this is my favorite of the short stories and I wanted it to be much longer. In fact I want a whole book on this one. After reading it my mind went wild thinking of what could happen after the story ended. These are just a few of the masterfully written stories you can read in this book. All are very good and seem to make you think that you are right their with the victims urr people I mean as you read them. Crystal Connor does a great job on this book and I loved reading about how she came up with the ideas. I will be looking for more books from her.
4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

About the Author:

With seemingly alchemical powers, the stories penned by award-winning author Crystal Connor are amalgamations of horror and science fiction, truth and fable, past and present. Using her ballpoint like a magic wand she inscribes tales of terror that you won’t soon forget.

Crystal belongs to both The Seattle Women’s Writing Group and The Black Science Fiction Society. The Darkness, Crystal’s first full length novel, is a two time Award Winning Finalist in the International Book Awards 2011 fiction categories of Cross Genre Fiction and Multicultural Fiction.

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  1. Thank you so much for 1st hosting a tour stop for me and taking the time to read and then review my book. I am so glad that you enjoyed it =D Did you design your own blog? It looks too amazing to be a template.

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