November 04, 2012

Why I love YA Books

Beth Revis is having an amazing giveaway of YA books and wants to spread the love of YA books. Being older people ask me why I love to read them. There is many reasons I do. The plots are different from other genres, Sometimes you get to see characters grow up before you eyes, sometimes you fall in love with the characters and don't want their stories to end. 

Besides the above reasons one of the best reasons for me to love YA books is simple. They are something for me and my oldest daughter to bond and communicate over. If any one has a teen girl you get where I am coming from. They won't talk to you and would rather stay on a phone texting. With YA books I get to talk to my daughter about stuff. She will come in and ask if I have read a book and what did I think of it. Or if I get mail that day she waits not so patiently for me to open my mail to see what books I may have got. Most of the time we agree on whether we liked a book or didn't. It also helps that her friends are always asking if I have a book they want to read. It kinda makes me feel like the cool mom even if it's because I am a book nerd. So I guess you could say one of the reasons I love YA books is because it keeps my daughter and I close.

Be sure to check out Beth's giveaway on her blog. You don't want to miss the chance to win a beautiful addition to your library.~Pam

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  1. I already read The Awakening Series by Kelley Armstrong and it was really awesome!! I enjoy reading YA because my daughter and I can then have a great conversation about what we enjoyed and didn't enjoy about the books!!!!!