November 08, 2012

How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days - Review

How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days (10 Days #1)
by Saranna DeWylde

Book Blurb

Grace does. She's got more demon than she can saddle. In fact, she's got a sinfully sexy Crown Prince of Hell named Caspian. She's also got ten days to get rid of him or Bad Things shall ensue. See, her Russian mobster ex-boyfriend didn't take kindly to her smutty Mephistophelean contract. It's not that she's conspiring with fiends; that was his idea. It's that she's conspiring against him with outrageous devilry that runs the gamut from embarrassing to a dead hooker turned dominatrix demon gunning for his soul.

One should never trust demons, let alone shag them. They don't have hearts. Yet Grace is buying hers some slightly tarnished armor and hoping that once he's been shoveled into it, kicking and screaming, he'll find it's just his size. This wicked witch needs a white knight--or at least a Prince of Darkness for a Happily Ever After.

My Review
I received a copy of this book from Kensington for an honest review. Grace called upon a demon to help her with her ex. What she got was Caspian a crowned prince of hell. He is bound to help her with her problems but he wants something in return. He wants Grace. Grace fights her feelings for Caspian and has to think of ways to send him back. Her ex gives her 10 days to get rid of him or her nightmare will become true. She has to decide between the demon she is falling for or the thing she holds most dear.

 This book had me laughing so hard in places. The things Caspian aka Crowned hotty does to Grace's ex are down right original and so hilarious.Grace does many things to try and send Caspian back one of them involving peanut butter is one not to miss plus shopping with a dead hooker has to rank up there in hilarity. This book isn't just about great laughs it also has some very nice hot and steamy love scenes. I love the whole plot of the book. All of the characters are very unique and stay in your mind. Grace at times you want to shake and say listen to what your heart is telling you. Caspian is amazing, hot, funny and so much more wrapped up in one package. He will do anything to help Grace. The side characters all add their own part in this book. The one reason it got 4 instead of a 5 is You got to see a lot of the secondary characters that at times you wonder why that chapter is about them. In the end you see it all comes together to make a great book but I wanted more of Caspian and Grace. If you want a funny and hot paranormal romance book pick this one up.
4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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