November 15, 2012

Flash Point - Review

Flash Point by Nancy Kress
Book Blurb
Reality TV meets a chillingly realistic version of America—and the fame game is on!

Amy had dreams of going to college, until the Collapse destroyed the economy and her future. Now she is desperate for any job that will help support her terminally ill grandmother and rebellious younger sister. When she finds herself in the running for a slot on a new reality TV show, she signs on the dotted line, despite her misgivings. And she’s right to have them. TLN’s Who Knows People, Baby—You? has an irresistible premise: correctly predict what the teenage cast will do in a crisis and win millions. But the network has pulled strings to make it work, using everything from 24/7 hidden cameras to life-threatening technology to flat-out rigging. Worse, every time the ratings slip, TLN ups the ante. Soon Amy is fighting for her life—on and off camera.

My Review
The world is different after the Collapse destroys the economy. There is two classes of people. The rich and the poor there is no in between anymore. Amy struggles to support her sick grandmother and younger sister. Her dreams of going to college are gone and she needs to find work. When an interview for a new tv show leads to Amy getting a job on a reality show called Who Knows People, Baby - You she thinks things may be turning around. She has medical care for her grandmother, money to help keep her sister out of trouble and money for college. Things aren't as all good when ratings start to drop the reality show becomes more dangerous maybe even deadly.

Amy is a hard character to describe. At times I did like her and at times I wanted to strangle her. For someone who has it rough she is very concerned about clothes. She thinks about them constantly. Yes i know people who don't have much do think about having nicer things but she goes a little to far. She is strong in the fact she tries to take care of her grandmother and sister but she appears weak most of the time. The show makes her seem like the weak link. Most of the time she wants to appear strong but Phantoms distract her and make her week. Her sister Kaylie is a better character and I wanted to know more about her. Yes she is selfish and greedy and out for herself no matter what or who she has to step over to get there. Why is she a better character to me? Because you understand her more and she is what you see. There is a whole cast of characters that you get to see. Rafe is one of my favorites. He is the nerdy boy who tries his best to help Amy.

I enjoyed this book and in ways it is similar to other books out now. I think the reason I enjoyed it so much is because it could happen. I could see another depression happening and the way these people act could happen. My problems with this book are just a few. You never do really figure out what Phantoms are. You just kinda have to guess. It is just implied what happened in the Collapse it doesn't come out and say what did happen. The characters could have used more detail and the world building lacked some. Still it was a good read. The things the show put them through at first aren't that bad till the end. That is when things really kick off and you get to see more of what makes the characters kick but you still want more. All in all if you want a quick read and enjoy distopian type books you may give this one a try.

I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review.
3 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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