November 14, 2012

Angel in Chains - Review

Angel in Chains by Cynthia Eden

Book Blurb
As a fallen Angel of Death, Azrael is cursed to walk the earth alone in search of redemption. One night, as he wanders the streets of New Orleans, he discovers a woman surrounded by panther shifters. No longer able to contain the anger simmering within, Az summons his dark powers and attacks, determined to protect this innocent human from certain death.

Only Jade Pierce is no delicate flower. She’s spent years learning to survive and fight the evil forces sent by her ex-lover who refuses to let her go. But after seeing Az in action, she figures she could use a little supernatural help. And so she plans a course of seduction guaranteed to arouse his interest and his angelic passions…

My Review
I received this book from Kensington for an honest review. Azrael is a fallen Angel of Death. All he wants is a chance to redeem his self and get his wings back. He finds a woman being hunted by a pack of shifters and sets out to help her. Jade is set on getting away from her ex Brandt leader of a pack of shifters. She thinks she has found the one to help her do this in Azrael. She isn't sure what he is but knows he has some powers. As they both set out to use the other for their own benefit they begin to have feelings for each other. That can be a bad thing when those feelings could get them or more people killed.

 I have not read the first two books in this series but that didn't stop me from enjoying this book. Jade is one tough woman. She isn't afraid to take on shifters, witches whoever she has to in order to get what she wants. Azrael is a complex character that I know their is more tto his story. I will have to pick up the other two books to see more about him. He is after one thing but when he starts to fall for Jade that soon changes and you get to see how far he will go to save her no matter the cost. Brandt is your stalker ex type except he goes a step further and kills anyone Jade becomes attached to. He thinks she is his and no one can have her.

 The action in this book is wonderful. I love all the fight scenes as you get several with witches, hellhounds, shifters and more. You never know what Jade and Azrael are going to take on next. The feelings between these two are great as they don't instantly fall in love they grow on each other and change each other as you read. The book has a great story line and I enjoyed all the different paranormal creatures I read about. I look forward to more of this series to see what is next.
4 out of 5 Bats~Pam

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  1. I like books that feature so many supernatural beings and a strong female character. And the cover is amazing!